Antonius Sachverständigen GmbH

  • Appraisal of real estate and premises
  • Appraisals of constructional defects and damages
  • Building analysis
  • Expertise in mortgage lending valuation

We have worked for different international clients, offering both structural surveys and appraisals in English.


Office Klipphausen
Am Henschel 7
01665 Klipphausen
Tel: 0351 8888 9920

Office Dresden
Bergsiedlung 20a
01108 Dresden
Tel: 0351 8888 9920

Office Rhein-Sieg
Braschosser Str. 48
53721 Siegburg
Tel: 02241 162 4630
Mobil: 0172 199 7332

Appraiser specializing in land, commercial and residential survey and valuation , publicly certified by the Dresden Chamber of Commerce and Industry>

HypZert Real Estate Valuer for Financial Purposes
–CIS HypZert (F)-

Member of the National Association of the officially appointed and sworn expert Saxon

Examples of assessed properties